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This page was last updated on: May 28, 2016
For Sale!  Big Bear  and  Cedar Glen lots.

 More land coming! Look for our updates!

California land!  Holiday Home Dream!
This 40 acre property can be yours to enjoy and relish forever!

Contact Gray Squirrel directly to arrange for monthly installments.
Wyoming ranch next to thousands of acres of Goverment land !
Only $8,249.00
ONLY $75,000.00
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Buy this Wyoming Land NOW!
We would like to show you some of the many properties that we currently have for sale,

Wyoming: 40 acres in the Sweet Water County with oil deposits.
Nevada: 80 acres in the Pershing County close to hot springs.
California: 25'X 100' Big Bear Resort Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino County.
California: 25'X100' Cedar Glen. San Bernadino County and a neighboring lot with similar dimensions.
California: '25'X100' Lakebrook Park, Cedar Glen, San Bernardino.

We now have 2 lots of 40 acres each in Nevada close to Lovelock in Pershing County. Please contact Gray Squirrel if you are interested in purchasing either one or both of these properties which are side by side making a nice 80 acres. These may also be bought through monthly payments made to PayPal.Contact Gray Squirrel through this website.